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Raclet Ritz 5

Ritz5.jpg (21776 bytes)

The Raclet Ritz 5 is exactly the same as the Capri 5AVC apart from the colour and unfortunately this does add a little more to the price but a least it stands out from the rest of the crowd. This design is possibly one our favourite frame tents and is very popular with couples as it offer the best of all worlds.

Although not a big frame tent if has features only normally found in large tents, these include:

  • Roof Lining

  • War5drobe Area and Wardrobe Bar

  • Roll Back Front Panel

  • Push Out Kitchen

  • Sun Canopy

  • Roll Up Side Panel

  • Two Separate Inner Tents

As you can see lots of features in a great tent and of course complete with Raclet quality all for


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