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It is difficult to list all the spare parts that are available however we try to carry in stock most commonly used spare parts for tents and trailer tents as well as having a comprehensive selection of frame and dome tent spare poles. Listed below is a common selection of parts

InnerClips.JPG (15612 bytes)

Inner Tent Suspension Clips

Packet 6


Guyrunners.JPG (16824 bytes)

Guyline Runners - Assorted Types

Packet 10

from 1.20

Springs.jpg (33620 bytes)

Pole connecting springs

Packet 6


Guyline.jpg (34903 bytes)

4 metre Guyline complete with Slider

Individual Packet


shooks.JPG (14921 bytes)

'S' Hooks for attaching new rubbers

Packet 12

99 pence

Tentband.JPG (17515 bytes)

Assorted Replacement Tent Rubbers

Packet 6

from 1.30

Malletts.jpg (39156 bytes)

Rubber Mallet           1.99

Std Wood Mallet        3.99

Hardwood Mallet       5.00

Pegs.jpg (37592 bytes) 8"Rock Peg 75p
9" Hard Ground Peg 49p
8" Plastic Peg 20p
7" Wire Peg 15p
9" Continental Peg 35p

fabsil.JPG (31508 bytes)

Grangers Fabsil Waterproofing

Assorted Sizes 250 ml spray to 5 litre can

2.45 - 19.95

If you need any part in particular please do not hesitate to contact us either via email or telephone on 01708 722937.

We are also offer a tent repair service but we are only able to do this for visitors to our shop.