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Raclet QuickStop

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The Raclet Quickstop is the only folding camper that Raclet do and although basic compared to other folding campers on the market place it offers lots of nice features that are not available by other manufacturers of Trailer Tent and Campers.

The Quickstop fits in two brackets a simple Folding Camper or a very Special Trailer Tent

The Quick Stop has some wonderful features which are listed below:

  • The Cooker Unit can either be used in the cabin or in the awning

  • The front awning panel is removable

  • Spare Wheel and carrier included

  • 60 seconds to erect cabin, no poles to connect.

  • Extra thick 4" mattress

  • Insulated bed boards

  • Moisture resistant band around the cabin

  • Alternative "Easy Fold" Cabin system when the canvas is wet



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