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Dome Tents

an overview

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  General Dome Tent information 

Within the last few years dome tents have gained much more popularity in the camping market place.

Dome tents have advantages over frame tents as well as disadvantages listed below are just a few of each to think about.

  • They pack allot smaller then traditional frame tents because there is no bulky frame to them.
  • They are easier to dry out as they can be hung over a line to dry a opposed to being erected to stop shrinkage (except cotton domes)
  • Normally they are easier to put up although this does depend on which type of dome tent you buy.
  • As they are normally made from polyester or nylon the life span of the material is considerably reduced compared to cotton due to UV breakdown of the material.

Prices and Details
At P J Camping we stock models from Sunncamp, Coleman, Outwell and Raclet in the main, however, we can usually obtain tents from other major manufacturers as well.

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